A2Z Consulting 4 SMME’s


So you want to start your own business. Where to start or what to do? Need advice or guidance?

Are you at one of these milestones in your life?

  • Retrenched?
  • Taken an early retirement?
  • Want/need an additional income source?

This is a major step in your life. There is so much information available and it can be mind boggling, and if you are like me you want to start yesterday making money. That is what we are about helping you get that yesterday start.

A2Z Consulting provides the services and guidelines that any business owner needs by suppling and helping you:

  • Develop a business plan to successfully jump-start your business
  • Registering your company with CIPC
  • Getting an online presence, by creating a professional website for your business (including e-commerce if required)
  • Create the administrative infrastructure (filling and record keeping systems and processes)
  • Professionally Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Tax services
  • Business coaching and Life coaching – to achieve your goals in your business venture as well as your personal life.